About Us

Western Bio Vegetable Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is an Agriculture Seeds Company located at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It is registered under Companies Act 1956 and headed by Managing Director Mr Jigar Patel.

The company is a Research based Agri Scientific Seed Company. The Prime Activities of the company are to develop new varieties of various crops & commercialize the Research varieties and hybrids through Seed Production & Marketing. The Research Activities are in, Hybrid Castor, Groundnut (Peanut), Sesame, Cumin, Wheat, Pearl Millet, Mustard, Gram, Green Gram, Black Gram, Pigeon Pea, Soya bean, Fennel, and Vegetables like Okra, Cowpea, Cluster bean, Fenugreek, chili, Tomato and other Vegetables.  

The company is one of the leading Seed Companies with a research base in Gujarat. It is a one of the fastest growing Seed Company in India with talented team of Joint Managing Director, Mr Akash Patel, Scientist and Director of Production & Marketing Dr. A. P. Patel, Ph. D. (Plant Breeding & Genetics) and Director of Research & Development Dr. D. P. Goswami (Plant Breeding & Genetics)


As all of us know, India is a country dependent on Agriculture & Agriculture product. Agriculture as such and Agriculture based Industries plays vital role in the progress of the nation. National Economy depends on Agriculture production, and good quality seeds are one of the basic requirements for agriculture production. We have succeeded in bringing Green, Yellow and White Gold revolution in the country with the support of Agriculture scientist, co-operation of Government and acceptance of the latest Agriculture Technology by the Indian farmers. Though at the time of Independence of the country we had a population of nearly 46 crores, even then we were dependent on foreign countries for inferior quality of food grains to provide goods to the population.

Today we have a population of 125 crores. We are self-dependent for the various Agriculture products with more production with the help of our Agriculture Scientist, Government, Seed companies and progressive farmers. Not only this, but we are in position to Export Agriculture products and are earning foreign currency.

Western Bio Vegetable Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Company is constantly engaged in Research and Development activities with the help of research scientist to produce quality seeds of various crops keeping in view the climatic suitability and requirement of farmers. We have Distributors network all over India for sale of the company produced seeds of various crops and are also exporting to other countries. At this stage we are pleased to put the information for general public & especially to farmers about seeds produced by the company. We are hopeful that the information contained in this booklet would be useful to all.

For information in details, you are requested to contact us either by phone or in person. We will guide you fully for Agricultural information you require.

If you have any suggestions or information which may be useful to the farmer’s community, we request you to send us. We will incorporate your valuable suggestions in our booklet which we may print hereafter.

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan …….